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Pamela Brittain

Hi! My name is Pam and this is my website…

I have spent the past 20+ years working in the fields of STEM education, program and curriculum development.

Currently I have the great pleasure of working for the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences as an Academic Coordinator (K – 12) where I get to create content and materials aimed at teaching elementary students, and their teachers, about the amazing world of mathematics. You can learn more about these programs on the Fields Academy website.

Learn more about me below and feel free to follow me on social media or send me an email at


I am a certified teacher in Ontario in Math and Science at the high school level. I also have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics for Teachers and a PhD Education where I did my thesis on a pre-service elementary teacher course focused on building math content knowledge.

Check out the ABSTRACT or FULL PAPER of my thesis.

I have also presented at a number of conferences on issues in Math and STEM Education. You can see some of them below.

I have also been a Sessional Lecturer at the Ontario Insitute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto where I taught a course called Issues in Numeracy where we investigate the idea that math is not a neutral subject. 


I have been asked to present at a number of conferences on a variety of topics. Some of these include:

I have also done a number of interviews for the Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (CJSMTE), which can see on YouTube

My work at the Fields Institute also allows me to have a little fun with math…

Check out the full playlist here!

Math Lover

For over 8 years I had the privilege of working for the Math Department at the University of Toronto as their Outreach Coordinator. It was during this time I met amazing and fascinating mathematicians who taught me to see the world of math all around me and developed a passion for the subject.

With this in mind I started LOOK: MATH! which follows Alpha (my math loving dog) on adventures to see math in the world around him!

Learn more about LOOK: MATH! here

I now have the privilege of continuing my outreach work with the wonderful Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences where I am the K – 12 Academic Coordinator and spend my time making easily accessible online math courses for K – 6 educators on a wide variety of topics (including Financial Literacy and Math Modelling).


Author and Illustrator

As a way to bring my math passion to youth I have been hard at work on writing a children’s book aimed at students in Grades 4 – 6 that follows the adventures of Alpha (my Math Loving Dog) on his journey to find his forever home here in Toronto and all the math he encounters along the way.

Learn more about Alpha’s Adventures here

To really bring Alpha’s Adventures to life I also illustrated the book and am the dedicated photographer and social media guru for Alpha!

I am also an avid writer of other things STEM related, check out some of my other works here: 

I also write freelance reviews for Common Sense Education on various STEM related website and apps.


I have over 16 years experience in program and curriculum development and in 2014 I started VedaVox Inc as a way to help others achieve their educational program goals.

Learn more about VedaVox here